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Making Safer Choices - Tips For Reducing Your Risk of Assault

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View safety tips as a collection of habits you may wish to embrace to create safety. Keep a collection of tips and ideas, pass them on, gain ideas from others. Not one of us knows more than all of us together.image1

In Your Home:

  • Always lock your doors; have secure locks on your doors and windows.
  • Keep your house - entrances and garages - well lit.
  • When moving into a house or apartment, change or re-key the locks.
  • If you live alone, list only your first initial and your last name on your mail box and in the phone book.
  • Never disclose to anyone at the door or on the phone that you are alone.
  • Use a peep hole in your door. Don’t open to anyone you don’t know or feel uneasy about. If they ask to use the phone, offer to make the call for them.
  • If someone comes with unexpected flowers or gifts, tell them to leave them outside. Flattery is another ploy used to gain entry.
  • Ask for identification and do not escort a service representative into your basement or other secluded area.
  • Have a friend with you or stay on the phone while a service representative is in your home.
  • Consider keeping a cellular phone or separate lines for security. If one phone is taken off the hook, the other can be used.
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