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Services, How First Step can Help:


Support Group:

Support for women of domestic violence meets every Tuesday. Gain support of others who understand and have "been there". Learn to laugh again and to boost self esteem and self-confidence. This service is free.

24 hour On-Call Advocates:

Trained advocates available 24 hrs to meet victims at the sheriff's office or the hospital to support them during their time of crisis, also legal system advocacy. This service is free.


Access our rape crisis program/advocate and domestic violence crisis program/advocate as well as information and referrals from a trained caring individual.

Case Management:

Full time case manager to help clients assess needs and connect with resources in the community. This service is free.

Support/Education - Individual Sessions:

Individual Sessions: Learn about the “Cycle of Violence”, how to recognize “red flags” in a potentially abusive relationship, how violence affects children,  options available for self and family, develop a safety plan, boost self-esteem & self-confidence. This service is free.


Temporary housing for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault in a safe and secure environment. We can assist in locating available housing and other forms of assistance in our area.  An outside pet shelter is available for small pets.  These services are free.

Sexual Assault Program:

Individual sessions, support group & 24 hour advocacy for survivors of sexual assault are available.  Learn to develop a plan for safety, boost self-esteem, gain confidence in self, and learn what options are available to you and your family.  This service is free.

Youth Education Program:

An educational and prevention program for youth, grades K-12 offered through schools and other community groups.  This program addresses the issues of our youth today.  This service is free of charge.

Community Presentations:

We provide speakers to groups and organizations in  the community who would like to know more about Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and the programs that are offered by First Step FVIS including Self Defense for Women.



A 25 week educational program to teach perpetrators of Domestic Violence or other violent acts to recognize and deal with anger in a healthy, non-threatening way, and to help the perpetrator in his relationships with others.  This service is for any referral source including self referral. This service does have a fee.

Women Who Resort to Violence:

Meets once a week for  25 weeks.  A group for women to learn alternatives to using violence.  There is a fee for this service.

How can you help?

VOLUNTEERS are very helpful to our agency.  Many volunteer opportunities available from transportation to answering the helpline.  If you would like to Volunteer, please call the office.

DONATIONS are always welcomed and help the agency tremendously.

The After School Mentoring Program

Communities, Schools, Families and Students

The focus of the After-School Mentoring Program is to help students get excited about their future, to be encouraged to dream big and learn what it takes to put their dreams and goals into action.  This can accomplished by the following initiatives:

Setting goals to be prepared for the 21st Century Careers

Building Character

Developing Pathways to achievement

Building a sense of resiliency

Believing in a positive future

Get involved today to help build something special with our youth and their future.  One caring adult can make a difference in a youth’s life.


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